"Things have changed for me, and that's ok."
I Found These Relics For You, V.

The differences are odd.

Here you stand beside me, living on, but whatever incarnation you had known is long gone and forgotten.

Just a ghost for even you.

How could you have known what VI would be?

That Moment When People Realize That Every Girl At The Party Has Seen Your Dick At Some Point

This type of scenario happens an interesting amount of times in my life…

We Talked Of Hallucinogens


Tales of others who had partaken in them, no real incidents to mention.

Good times.

But I said “I’m not sure about what I would see though…with my mind the way it is.”

She replied, “Yeah, I was thinking that.”

People have bad thoughts. Scary thoughts. Things that could cause an unsettling journey.

But she knows me like no other.

She knows that there are worse things in my mind.

She knows that I don’t swipe at shadows in my brain, but that I truly fight monsters.

goodbye bow tie, goodbye raggedy man





All of the meaning behind this simple action was such a powerful piece of storytelling.

I Go Crazy

I dip into every part of my personality,

I throw them out in a senseless collage,

All in the span of a few seconds,

I don’t hold back anything,

I use the parts of me that people loved,

As well as the parts that people left me because of,

But instead she always laughs with the biggest grin on her face,

Says, “You’re so weird!”

And hugs me like she never wants to let go.

I Got Your First Name

The locust know what you look like and half of your title now.

Listen for their tiny wings.

My footsteps shall follow.

How I Want To Live?

I want to live in happiness.

To have interesting adventures.

Meet interesting people.

To smile softly at those who make me happy.

And I when someone threatens those that make me happy…

I want to break with more force than necessary.

To drink from their fear, if only for those few moments.

Few things as delicious.

The way I live need not make sense to others.

It Has Sat Cold And Quiet

But heat is needed to thrive.

No point in slowing down as I freeze.

I need no excuses to fire up The Furnace.

I need no excuses for the fuel that I use either.