"Things have changed for me, and that's ok."
How I Want To Live?

I want to live in happiness.

To have interesting adventures.

Meet interesting people.

To smile softly at those who make me happy.

And I when someone threatens those that make me happy…

I want to break with more force than necessary.

To drink from their fear, if only for those few moments.

Few things as delicious.

The way I live need not make sense to others.

It Has Sat Cold And Quiet

But heat is needed to thrive.

No point in slowing down as I freeze.

I need no excuses to fire up The Furnace.

I need no excuses for the fuel that I use either.

Inadequate Words

There’s so much I wish to say,
Backed by firm conviction,
But there are no adequate words,
To describe my addiction.

This language I am left with,
It fills me with frustration,
There’s nothing that’s worse,
Than this verbal stagnation.

For so many of these tired words,
Have been wasted on the meek,
They are not worthy to be heard,
By someone so beautifully unique.

With the famous William Shakespeare,
I am wishing that I was on par,
To invent an original string of words,
That say how wonderful you are.

So with no adequate words to offer,
Only my heart is left for me to proffer.

She Makes Me Glow

Wide grinned and warm inside, I am filled with joy.

But I am me.

I think of those two, the two that have wronged her in her life.

My jaw unhinges and filthy black locust emerge, taking off into the night.

They search for those two.

They will draw me to them.

If I am able to find them, I’ll erase them.


I used to chase birds,
Always in search of one,
I even bloodied my fists,
Breaking a stone cage,
But I came to appreciate,
Just how it is birds fly,
It’s from their hollow bones,
It lets the air lift them,
But it’s those hollow bones,
That make them so weak,
Such fragile creatures,
I don’t like weak beings,
So when mine flew away,
I found I had no remorse,
For the loss of such frailty,
Was no loss to me,
I imagined I’d find no being,
Strong enough to interest,
Till upward I gazed once more,
But it was no bird I saw,
A beautiful being of the earth,
Who flew through the air,
With no wings to save her,
Just the branches ahead,
The strength to catch herself,
And the courage to risk the fall,
So she soared gracefully,
Amongst the canopy,
Of the forest above me,
Finally she alighted,
Landing lightly on a branch,
One that hung low,
Just above my head,
Then she lowered herself,
Held down her hand to me,
Smiled and said,
"Care to fly with me?"

This Eye Of Mine

Never even saw you coming.