"Things have changed for me, and that's ok."
How did you lose 20 pounds in 30 days?


I drink only water, I eat 6-7 meals per day, these are a list of the foods I consume: 99% lean turkey, 96% lean ground beef, egg whites, whole chicken breast (sometimes cooked myself, sometimes I buy store-cooked rotisserie chicken and eat only the breast), sweet potato, plain oats, whole wheat pasta (100%, many brands say ‘whole wheat’ and then list as only being 51% whole wheat), broccoli protein shakes (2 scoops, 48g of protein) and for meal substitutions (cause it can be hard to always get a meal in) I eat Quest Bars.

Essentially I’m eating lean protein sources (when not cutting I consume more fat, fat is really health for you! Just a lot of calories so I pull back when cutting) and complex carbs. *There’s always a ton of debate on whether complex carbs matter, meal frequency matters, and basically everything about nutrition, but I just know that when I practice what I just listed I always lose weight like clockwork*

I don’t weigh my food or count my macros at all, I just do fist-sized portions for each meal and make sure my protein is high with the shakes.

Absolutely ZERO cheating.

No alcohol, it literally stops your metabolism while its in your system, plus empty calories.

I do two cardio sessions per day. Started at 20 minutes each and have dialed up by 5 minutes as I see small weight plateaus so I’m currently at 30 minutes each. One in the morning right after breakfast and one later at night or immediately after weight training.

*Do not do cardio for hours. It’s useless outside of CV-Endurance. Your body will begin burning your muscle instead of fat if you do cardio for an extended period of time*

For weight-lifting I’m currently doing Kris Gethin’s 12-week Transformation routine: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kris-gethin-12-week-daily-trainer-intro.html

That has me in the gym about 5 of the 7 weekdays.

And when I’m in the gym I’m killing it. No slacking. No whining. PUSH YOURSELF. Feel pain. Sweat. Grit your teeth. Scream.

Because the best advice I can offer, is get some muscle if you don’t have any.

What a lot of people don’t think about is the fact that muscles require a lot of maintenance from your body. I burn waaaaaay more calories than someone who is my same weight but doesn’t have much muscle. All day, every day, no matter what you’re doing, even if you’re just lying there, muscle mass will burn extra calories just by existing.

There are a lot of people who shy away from weight lifting because they “don’t want to be huge”, but to anyone who actually lifts, that’s such a laughable statement. It takes a HUGE amount of effort to become ‘huge’ (no pun intended), so if someone takes up weightlifting, they’re just going to tone up and look leaner unless they TRY to get huge.

This goes for girls too. Girls gain muscle density before volume, so it’d be even harder for them to become ‘huge’. They have much less testosterone than guys so they’re not going to turn into a man from lifting.

*Sorry this has been so long, but I’m wrapping up, I promise!*

Finally, STICK WITH IT. I’m very experienced at dieting and lifting, so transitioning into a cut is very easy for me. Not everyone will have such dramatic results so quickly (especially if their muscle mass is less than mine), just keep going though. When I first lost weight (I was a chubby kid :P) it took me months and months to get in shape. Noticeable results take time, but they keep building. Don’t give up.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of people staring at bodybuilders with huge boulders for abs (I see that all over Tumblr) when they’re just starting to try and lose weight. The fact that they aren’t approaching anywhere near that after months can disappoint them and make them give up. Those kinds of pictures with those kinds of guys never have the context to tell you how many YEARS it took them to reach that point.

Phew! Hope that answered your question :P


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They tell me to give it up,
But I drink deeply from the cup
Of fury that is filled to the brim,
In a swirling sea of rage I swim.

'It will consume your soul,
Heart turned to black hole’,
The anger will consume me?
Now that’d be a sight to see!

I will never be destroyed,
Heart shall not turn to void.
That which poisons the weak,
Makes my powers peak.

post some flexing photos as well. we'd love to see that progress as well


Alright, I’ll see if I can work on something for that.

Down To 181.8lbs Today

Almost into the 170s, fuck yeah.

40 Days left and no temptations to deviate at all.

There’s nothing but the cut for me.

The Worst Words

The worst words,
Are the ones that are too kind.

Speaking of someone’s beautiful light,
While they suffer from a shadowy blight.

Blistering their ears with ‘I love you’,
When it was meant to be true.

Speaking of their friendly smile,
Whilst their thoughts remain so vile.

Do not try to tell them they are perfect,
When their humanity they neglect.

Stop spewing many a kind word,
It’s something they’ve oft’ heard.

They’re all just thin lies,
That black hearts despise.

The worst words,
Are the nice untruths left behind.