"Things have changed for me, and that's ok."

More and more and more

Stronger and stronger and stronger

Become something people didn’t even know could exist.

"You Don’t Even Think Of These Things Anymore."

I know that.

But we’ve never completely made sense have we?

I expect nothing of anything.

But, because it existed before The Severance, I march for the last anomaly.

There Was A Time

When I was still within reach, when I could have been contained.

But now there’s no one strong enough to contain me.

I’ll just run more and more rampant as I get stronger.

It’s Been A While Since I Had A Good Book

I need a really, really good book.

It Was Funny To Me

"She keeps me and my character in line when my judgement is cloudy and tells me like it is. She knows I can do better. And she knows it’d kill me if I hurt someone. Even if it was unintentional.

It made me laugh.

The idea that you could hurt me.

Sorry, not a person in the world that can do that anymore.

Test One: Completed

Truly, I didn’t expect my body to be able to exert so much power that easily.

More tests are coming.

Sure Things Falling

"He can take you all the way to church this time…
But don’t forget you summed it up in 15 liiiiiiiiiiiiines”

You Stored The Transaction Amount As An Integer?!


Come on man.

You’re killing me.

Because being anon is a lot more fun and you'll probably take the compliment more seriously :)


Not more fun for me! And I’m actually inclined to take it less serious if I don’t know who it’s from, haha.