"Things have changed for me, and that's ok."

There are three where once were four,
For on a chain ‘round your neck,
Is where I liked it more.

It’s all a waste of time.
But I’ve got time to waste.

You All Always Talked So Big

But I know how weak you all are.

Weak words from weak people.

That’s why I have to exist.

To protect you from your own weakness.

Don’t protest, I just told you, weak words from weak people.

Don’t you listen?

Look up, down, left, right.

Doesn’t matter.

The impact, too great.

Solid into dust.

What’s the point?

I walk along the edge, watching your castles crumble.

All I Want

I want to protect,
Those weaker than me.

But when I drink,I feel it so strong.

All this power left behind,
Untested by this world.

I could break so much,
I could destroy this place.

No one strong enough,
To stop my swelling power.

Can I please just explode,
Or meet someone stronger?

I Am Not The Same

It’s an odd occurence,
Like a friend passing,
That ‘me’ is long gone.

I see others,
Having their hearts broken,
Aching into the night.

I can’t…feel that,
I can’t feel that anymore,
It’s just impossible.

I can find someone,
Who takes my breath away,

But I’ll never,
Need them,
Not anymore.

There are no holes,
That can be left,
Within my heart.

I am too complete,
All on my own,
No companion needed.

I am a tad jealous,
Of those who can hurt,
Who can long.

The only thing I need,
Is the path,
Beneath my two feet.

I am just far too happy,
With who I am,
And where I go.