"Things have changed for me, and that's ok."
This Eye Of Mine

Never even saw you coming.


Walked so far along this road,
With no one by my side,
No wonderful souls showed,
'Til twas you I spied.

Long flowing strands of silken hair,
Like a warm golden sunset,
As a fool I did gapingly stare,
Calm fellow now in cold sweat.

A truly rare sort of sight,
I’d not been warned,
Of your presence so bright,
Me, hoping to be adorned.

Naught but just a kind smile,
From your guise,
Takes me into the air a mile,
Finding new highs.

Your beautifully bright eyes,
Surely ocular spears,
Slaying legions of guys,
For all of your years.

And my lumbering frame,
Not worthy of your grace,
Does hold a burning flame,
Wanting of your embrace.

So if I find your hand in mine,
That’d suit me just fine.